Router Netgear WAC124

Hello, is this router a good choice?
they have a lot of flash memory, usb port...
and they are no so expensive...
should I take TP-LINK Archer C6U cheaper, but only 16MB flash, that is too small to run wireguard client, open vpn server, and I will try to run ftp server also...

depends on your internet speed ...

about 400-500mbit, but... in heat I used max 80mbit :slight_smile:

for 80mbit I'd got for it, for 500, I wouldn't.


May I ask you why?
It uses a MediaTek MT7621AT cpu: isn't this capable of 1Gbps?
What are the cons?

mainly because it only got 128MB RAM.

you'd (well, I'd) have different expectations (when it comes to what'd be capable of, function wise) from a device routing ½gbit and one that routes 80mbit, and 128MB RAM might just not be enough for you, down the road.

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Thank you for your reply.
128MB is also the amount of RAM for EAP225, EAP245, RE650: so none of these is capable of >500 mbps?

They're APs (the RE650's a repeater though), so different functionality, and expectations,
not really intended to do any routing, although it's doable, using openwrt.