Router: move to fiber @ home

Hi Everyone,
I'd like to find a networking device running openwrt to upgrade my current vdsl2 ISP. The provider offers me fiber, which gets converted to an rj45 entry point.
But, I have a set of specific requirements for the new router:

  • capable of doing ipsec aes256/sha512 @ 500mbit tunneling
  • LAN needs to be future-proof: I'd like at least one 2.5gbit port, better if possible, but at least 4 ports.
  • dual-band WiFi, or available via m.2 / minipcie expansion

I found this one:

But does anyone know of possible alternatives?

With those requirements you should look at x86_64, lower- to mid-end i5 or any (embedded) ryzen (the old GX-412TC will not be sufficient).

ipq60xx is not supported by OpenWrt yet (and a lot of things are also still missing mainline, which is still seeing a flurry of incoming patches), it will take considerably longer to add ipq60xx support than ipq807x (and even that isn't quite there yet). This particular distributor in question has so far excelled in being a [IMAGINE_MORE_COLOURFUL_METAPHORS_HERE] spammer.

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Problem is that i don't it does exist a device with ryzen or i5 with a 2.5 gb port (they sell motherboard with 10g but it's for desktop use)
Also the top tier ipq807x cost as much as a x86 system so it's more or less a waste of money for the premium price they sell it

So ARM or Mips do not have aes-alike cipher algorithms? - > would this one do the job? I have a pcie x8 - > 8x pcie x1 expansion adapter card, maybe this would allow me to add enough NICs?

I also found this one: SolidRun ClearFog GT 8K
It uses the ARMADA A8040, which (according to the documentation) has ARMv8 cryptography extensions.
These extensions allow AES and SHA1/SHA256. So if I'd lower down the requirements a bit (and use AES256/SHA256 instead of SHA512), would it work?
the idea would be to use 2minipcie slots for WiFi (1 2.4ghz, and 1 5ghz), 1 miniPCIe slot for eventual 6GHZ AX (when it becomes available), and connect the fileserver via the SFP+ slot (with a SFP+ -> RJ45 adapter) + higher-end devices using a USB 2.5G adapter (guess that will not be too much right now)

  • Will this work?
  • How much RAM would you recommend for this setup?
  • Are 4x4 WiFi cards worth it? I never saw an and device supporting a 4x4 config ^^

ËDIT: I know it's not supported by openwrt yet, but I guess this support will arrive pretty soon, as solidrun has most of its devices supported, and the Armada 8040 uses A72 cores, which are pretty well-supported. So maybe if I perform some low-level hacking, it could be fixed.

Found this page to give an estimate:

It's an octa-core A53 vs quad core A72, but I guess those results will be comparable, as A72 supports out-of-order execution