Router Misbehaving After WAN Connection Drops

Hey Guys I'm back and unfortunately with bad news...

I ended up re-installing LEDE Reboot 17.01.4, updated all my packages via SSH using PuTTY and installed the following packages:

I then disabled the DDNS scripts package thinking this was the cause of the DNS request via the menu 'System > Startup' and clicked on the 'Enabled' button which turned into to 'Disabled'. Finally I rebooted my router and left if for a few minutes before then unplugging the WAN cable, sitting and waiting patiently for LuCI to start behaving slow and locking up after about 15 minutes or so. On the overview page I took some screenshots of the RAM usage available when it slowly drifted down to 9% compared to the 78% I have when everything is all up and working. As well slow loading webpages within LuCI I would also get an out of memory message in plain text. What's weird is when I could get to the 'Status > Processes' page and look under the RAM usage column there wasn't anything over 1%. I was expecting something to be hogging the RAM resources...

I'll be uploading images in the morning.

System Log

This is all very odd. Hope To hear back from someone soon.

Many thanks