Router magnifying delays coming from ISP

Hi guys, nooby here. I have D-link 860l running LEDE Reboot 17.01.1 connected with ethernet to my PC, everything is running fine for browsing, but i experience some latency spikes when gaming. I have tested using no router, plugging the ISP cable directly in my PC and there is almost no problem, its as if the router is magnifying some delays coming from ISP side.
Before i bough this router there was the same problem with my old WRT54GL with stock firmware, so i flashed Tomato and it fixed the problem.

So my question is what should i configure in LEDE to minimize this delays coming from ISP ?

Any advice will be appreciated.

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I would suggest you to try SQM:

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Thanks, this should solve my problems.

Please note that some DOCSIS cable modems, using intel's puma 6 chipset, can introduce unwanted latency spikes by them selves. See for more information, the good things seems to be that there either already exists a fix or one is in the making. The bad thing is that with (ISP-supplied) cable modems only the ISP can update the firmware... But if your modem might use a different chipset and hence not be affected at all.

Also SQM is almost not working on D-Link DIR-860L.

D'oh! I forgot about that (I even posted about it)! Thanks for the correction. :blush: