Router Locking Up When WAN Connection Is Lost


I have a real annoyance with my Linksys WRT1900AC and that is if the WAN connection drops out from my modem the router completely freezes. I can't ping the router, access the configuration interface, none of the LAN devices can communicate with each other and obviously there's no internet connection.

This is highly frustrating because without an active WAN connection the router can't work as a simple DHCP server for LAN devices.

Hope someone can shed some light on this

Many thanks


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Hi @willowen100 ,
I think this is a result of a wpa_supplicant limitation (I have not found a patch or detailed explanation for this).
My understanding is that most people (me included) end up having monitoring scripts to bring the LANs back up when the WAN connection is gone.

There are some historical posts like these (this script for this issue is mostly referred to as WifiMgr and there are multiple versions out there):

The basics are that you check to see if your interfaces are there and if not, you call ifup to bring them back to life.

I hope that helps, and if anyone knows more about this issue or have alternative/better solutions (like a way to modify wpa_suppplicant - or whatever brings down the LANs), I'm all ears.

I doubt that the thread opener asks for a wireless wan (wwan) connection, however a better solution regarding your issue is in place, look here

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Thanks @dibdot,
that looks like a nice package. I like the idea of keeping all STAs disabled and then building a replacement interface handler for them. At least, there's no downtime as you would with a script monitoring APs.
It is still a workaround the handling of STAs and APs not being independent by "disabling" the STAs.
I'll open another thread for my question so as not to confuse this one.

Hi guys

Cheers for the replies. I've installed Travelmate but I have no idea what to do on the configuration page. I've looked at the documentation but it gives no help. Have any of you got it installed that you could possibly share screenshots or something?

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Since this is a separate issue, you should start a new thread.

Then, search the forum for Travelmate Support Thread.