Router inaccessible after VLAN tagging

I have an archer c7 running openwrt 19.x
I just tagged both cpu0 and cpu1 interfaces on a new vlan that I created (vlan 20), applied changes and now I can not access the router not on the local lan ( nor using the WAN (which is simple the isp router-switch). If I go to the WAN network I can ping it, but I can not ssh nor access the web interface.
What are my options?

Reset, TFTP recovery or serial port.


How doI do TFTP recovery?


I guess both solutions will delete my configs right?

Well, it doesn't appear to be working, so it might just be for the better... :wink:

The serial won't kill your setup, assuming you're able to revert the changes using cli commands.


WiFi will still work, I think

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It works, but I can't access the router either. Dam it

Oh no, it doesn't work either, it was my other wifi (AP)

Ok, I tried factory reset and all that I can get is now an OPENWRT open wifi. Not sure what that means.

How I'm supposed to reset it ti factory reset? Holding the reset button 10 seconds does nothing

OK, I finally managed to put it in failsafe mode. To be honest, the blinking is not disctintive at all, and the fact that it indicates which ports are in use does not help, looks like normal operation.
How can I untag the interfaces during failsafe?

I just restored it to the factory defaults (like 3 times...). I got frustrated because every time I changed the LAN subnet it was reverting to the default one every time. Seems it was a web interface bug.
Now it is working partially. Some devices have internet connectivity while others does not. The DNS is a local pihole server that is reachable inside the network, so I can't understand why it is not working perfectly

When changing the IP there's a 2nd confirmation, since the commit cannot be verified.
If you don't accept, the change is rolled back.

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What do you mean? The ui becomes unreachable because you change the subnet, there can it be a confirmation step

OK, the process of confirmation is not something I
consider reasonable with that small amount of time, but it is good to know. It's very weird because the first time I configured it I had o problem, I guess I checked the confirmation box by accident or something like that

Thanks for the link

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