Router (Fritzbox 7362SL) is not reachable after flashing openWRT

after I flashed openWRT into the Fritzbox 7362SL, the device worked for a few weeks. But now the router is not reachable anymore. There is no response to a ping. When I run the script to flash the fritzbox again, the power LED flashes quickly for a while and then stays on all the time. Even then the router is no longer accessible. Is there a script with which I can reload openWRT in this state of the router again?

Thanks for help.


Which openwrt version did you flash? I'm running 22.03.4 since the release (April '23) without problems! Time for an update to 22.03.5 actually!

It is the version 22.03.05. But now I do not know how to communicate with the router.