Router for streaming + Strong WIFI mod for EU hardware

I use to stream video from smartphones on a local network through WIFI.

I am looking for something with a strong WIFI signal and good upload speed to the internet. What router can you recommend in the EU or what router can be modified or imported from outside the EU to increase power (as far as I know, there are limitations on hardware in the EU... what? antennas, chips, or software?)

Nice to have

  • A MESH network can be a big advantage to extend WIFI coverage.
  • bonding in router like so LTE, external modem like mobilephones or LTE
  • LTE

Any hardware modifications (or software modifications meant to circumvent the regulatory limits) voids your device's ETSI/ CE certification and would be illegal to operate.


EN 301 893
Read online reviews if a device has good speed at range ie functioning beamfirming.The normative radiation is measured without it.

it can be illegal :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: