Router for SQM and adblock only

Hi i need multiple recommendations . ( main use case will be to install openwrt and use SQM ( cake ) and adblock only )

1 - the best option that’s 25$ or cheaper that can run at least 50mbps up and down with SQM enabled .

2- the best option that’s 60$ or cheaper that can run at least 200 down and 100up with SQM enabled .

3 - the best option that’s 100$ or cheaper that can run at least 500mbps down and 100up with SQM enabled .

Notes :

Including the links of your recommendations will be much appreciated..

Let me know always if there is cheaper option in your mind or any advice or thought you have !

Make sure it work properly and tested and stable with no issues.

Easy to instal openwrt.

Make sure it have 1 wan port and 3 lan port ( at least ) .

No wifi needed . ( if it come with wifi it’s ok )

At least 1 usb port .

Thank for everyone in advanced ! Appreciate the help !

There are plenty of very similar threads, covering widely overlapping inquiries active right now. I do understand that choosing (and finding!) the correct device is rather difficult, but imho this thread is too generic (three different categories at once) to be really useful (again) and largely covered in parallel threads already.

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Hi, I’m really sorry I’m new to the openwrt world . I have no experience at all .

Meaning it’s extremely hard for me to see the specs of any router or mini pc and know if it’s suitable for my needs specially knowing it can run certain speed like for example 50mbps or 300mbps ( with SQM ) just by seeing the specs or knowing if it’s stable and with no issues or if the storage or RAM is enough. Or also if it’s the best option ! ( I think there are no strong guidelines for that )

Here where the experts comes in ( you guys ) .

For example I heard of the edgerouter X but this router was recommended and launched years ago meaning I’m afraid there are better options and even cheaper. that’s why I’m asking you guys the experts .

I’m sorry if this is to much . But I didn’t want to creat so many thread I thought this will be very annoying.

I’m asking multiple recommendations for my brothers also . Sorry for that .

Any recommendations please :sweat_smile: ?

Have you browsed the Hardware section of the forum already?

You will at least get some inspiration from reading through different topics you find.