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No, the Pi4B has one built-in gigabit ethernet adapter and socket, so you only need one additional one. @dlakelan tested both an ASIX based one and the UE300 and the UE300 was demonstrably better suited to the task of processing data at gigabit speeds.

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Thanks I have placed order for everything.

How do I set it up? Any documents I can refer?

Edit: I got it here - But any instruction I can find somewhere about how to flash and do setup?

Badri M

I believe @dlaklan's thread has some information. I have no Pi, let a lone a 4B and have no first hand experience with setting it up, so I will refrain from making wild guesses;)


Thanks. I understand that.

Hope I get inputs, suggestions and advise from other forum members as well

Badri M

I have referenced 3 links in my first post where you can find information about the device and the setup.
If you want to start quick just grab the build from @anon50098793 and follow "SAMPLE INSTALL COMMANDS"
For setting up the usb-to-ethernet device you could use "Raspberry Pi as a home router".
This should give you a running system. For fine-tuning then search the threads I've linked and/or the forum. If you have specific questions just ask within this threads or open a new topic.



Thanks. I will go through link shared.

It looks like I ordered for 8GB Pi4. I hope it wont be an issue

Badri M

That is indeed to much for your needs. But it won't be an issue.

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