Router for 2.4GHz WiFi

Hey Guys,

I'm looking for a router which has a good 2.4GHz WiFi included. I will disable 5GHz (or use it for mesh uplink one day), because 5GHz can't cover all my rooms and the garden. At least I never had a device that would achieve that even remotely. No worries about interference from other APs, I live in rural area, there aren't to many WiFis around. :slight_smile:

-4x 1Gbit/s LAN Ports
-1x WAN Port (which can handle 400MBit/s down) or 1 additional LAN Port
-good 2.4GHz WiFi Performance
-QOS (I want to prioritize the upstream for my 2 Gaming PCs, to keep the impact of my homeserver as low as possible)
-price, I don't need other features, they are welcome, but for my needs not necessary. So I expected something around 50€, but if you say that one device has the greatest 2.4GHz Antenna and it will increase the range dramatically I'm willing to pay more (130€ probably).

Do you have suggestions (would need to be available in Germany)? The Router my ISP provided worked well until they decided to provide me another one which is terrible, at least they allow a modem configuration for the new router.

Thank you in Advance,

400 MBit/s and SQM puts you far beyond 50 EUR, these are highend requirements with according prices.

Uh, really, I didn’t expect that. Which price would I look at? I mean if it is necessary to invest that, so be it, so let’s remove the price limit, but keep the other requirements.