Router Enterprise(Internet)<->Personal(shared)


I'm a total beginner in OpenWrt. I heard about this few days ago.
Is it possible to configure router to sharing network without any cables?
I have internet access only using WiFi and WPA2-Enterprise, but some devices are compatible with personal only. Can I connect router to the WPA2-Enterprise network and share internet by other network with WPA2-Personal using router with OpenWRT?
If it is possible, what kind of router is needed for OpenWRT and Routing WiFi<->WiFi?
Can you recommend something to read regarding this subject or give some advice?

Thank you in advance.


Ideally a tri-radio one, with one radio dedicated as client to your WPA2-Enterprise network (WWAN), but many drivers (ath9k, ath10k) also allow using a single radio both as client and AP at the same time, however with multiple caveats (sharing one radio for STA and AP mode inherits the 'repeater effect', which means you lose ~half of your wlan speed - and when your WWAN is down, your WLAN would be as well (see 'travelmate' to alleviate this)).

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It's great information! :slight_smile:

What topics or sites can you recommend for start?
-Connect client
-Establish home network
-Bridge internet
-other needed

Thank you very much.
I start looking for device and first experimenting with OpenWrt, thanks to you. :wink:

You commonly need to access the serial port (usually in 3.3 V, not 5 V) to configure some devicces; and a normal RJ-45 Ethernet LAN port with a DHCP enabled for clients. See specific devices for details:

I would hope that any consumer-grade router firmware does this when you power it on. OpenWrt does this by default for wired clients. For WiFi, the guide above provides instructions.

These aren't very clear or are model-dependent, the documentation should help you.

First of course you have to obtain a compatible model router. Start by checking the ones you already have. If you're buying new there are threads about suggested models. Most of the recommended ones do not require any more than going to the "Upgrade Firmware" page of the stock firmware to install OpenWrt.

The default builds of OpenWrt do not immediately support connecting to WPA-Enterprise, but it is available as a package. So you would remove the wpad-mini package and install the full wpad. This requires temporarily connecting the router to the Internet somehow. For example you could hotspot a phone.

The overall mode of operation would be a routed client. After creating a wifi client interface that connects to the service you have, attach it to the wan network instead of the Ethernet port. The rest of the router functions as if there is a wired connection.