Router DNS and remote Access

Colleagues ,

for the openwrt-18.06.5;

  • how to set up adguard DNS

  • how to view my router GUI remotely ?

DNS is configured on the WAN interface (if the DNS servers are reachable via that interface). Use advanced settings tab and settings: Use DNS servers advertised by peer, Use custom DNS servers.

To view GUI remotely the best practice is to configure a VPN (server).

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how to please

Screenshot from 2019-12-30 09-58-58

i did that but it still persist..

What still persists?

the DNS is still not working!!

I've tested those IPs, they block domanis such as DoubleClick [dot] net. They work.

  • Are you configuring them under WAN?
  • Are you sure you have no other DNS servers configured?
  • Did you reboot the router (or reload dnsmasq) and clear your client's DNS cache?

wan and lan

only this dns

rebooted, with the same issue exist.

Please, give wan-section from /etc/config/network

because i am new to openwrt, i do not how to. please provide the way to retrieve it.

Login to router via SSH, use command line interface.


In post no. 2, you were told WAN. Fix this.

Let's see the /etc/config/network file then, both LAN and WAN.