Router/Device with support for Bluetooth Low Energy

I have been playing a little with WRT in a x86 and now I would like to identify/find a small form factor router or related device (small) able to run WRT and support for bluetooth low energy either by using a usb dongle (and bluez) or native BLE chip (and bluez) at low price.
The main ideia is to program the device (WRT) to scan bluetooth devices and send that information through wifi to the internet (gateway). So the router/device must support the role of being an network host in an existing wifi or ethernet network

Thanks a lot

Some ipq4019 devices come with bluetooth support onboard (e.g. ASUS MAP-AC2200 and Linksys EA8300). In case of the MAP-AC2200 it comes equipped with AR3012-BL3D, which is functional (you'll have to check if it meets your criteria in regards to BLE).