Router crashing once a day + LOGs

Dear all,

im using OpenWrt 19.07.6 r11278-8055e38794 on my TP-Link Archer C6 v2 (kernel version 4.14.215).

From beginning, the router crashes wifis (both 2,4 and 5Ghz) at the same time for just a minute... this is happening usualy during the weekend or at night where in around appartments lots of people are at home and using wifis for lots of devices... i usualy swithc to another channels not to be jumming, this usualy helps for week or two, then it all starts all over again...
while the WIfi is down, LAN works just fine on the router (has connected TV like this which does not drop connection).

Always, at the same tie wifi is don on both 2,4 and 5ghz, it disconnects all devices (laptops, smartphones, etc) - so i know its not enddevices but the router.

Finaly i was able to get the log: (system log) (kernel log)

  • crash happened at 17:32pm

does this help in any way to debug whats wrong?

i dont understand those logs realy :frowning: if I can kindly ask anyone to let me know what can I do in order to stop this crashing

Those look like rather normal bootlogs. (With some hostapd probe errors, though.)

As logs are stored on RAM buffer, they get lost in a reboot.
So, I think that these are logs from the full router restart after the crash.

Some ideas for you:

  • Avoid DFS channels. The log shows the start of the DFS scan, but not the endof the minute long scan???

  • Simplify WiFi settings. Use channel 36 and Vht80.

  • You might need to capture logs with serial console, if you want logs from actual crash.

You are running a rather old OpenWrt version.
Ath10k-ct WiFi driver has improved a lot since 19.07.
You might try 21.02.1

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can I kindly ask you for a link with some guide how to upgrade? i cant access ssh, can do it only via browser logged to the router.
Thank you!

System menu in LuCI has the flash page, where you can upload the sysupgrade image to the router, (once you have downloaded the image from the OpenWrt download site to your PC first.)

You might try 19.07.8, which would be the newest on your current 19.07 series. It might already help a bit.
Or go directly to 21.02.1

21.02 has more recent fixes, so likely it would be better.

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ok installed,
ill see if this helped, if not ill repost.
thank you for he help!