Router Button NOT doing anything

In my router theres 3 button WPS, WiFi(On/Off), SDBackup, they use to perform well in OEM ROM, Now I am using LEDE, Can I check that these 3 button are detected by my LEDE when i use them. I wamt to map these 3 button to some action. button.pressed-->

There's also a slightly easier way described here:

Hi, I having the same problem on one tl-wdr4300, it has a reset/wps button on the back, I followed hardware.button howto using procd but it doesn't work..

Ok, I managed to get it working, but not with procd, it was with hotplug, I removed and installed again kmod-button-hotplug, and used hotplug to read the button name as described in hardware.button howto, the button reacts now, but seems that procd procedure does not work as it should with/etc/rc.button/wps

cat all in /etc/rc.button/*
#cat /etc/rc.button/*