Router board with 2 pcie for DIY mesh 160MHz 4x4 MU-MIMO

Hello everybody,
I'm trying to create my mesh system with "Compex WLE1216V5-23" mpcie cards for the AP mode and another Qualcomm card to receive the backhaul that I haven't decided which chip yet.

I already own a unit of this Compex since 2 years on a solidrun base, and in addition to a not really advantageous price, the CT driver or no-CT bug and the 160MHz nonfunctional.

I recently bought a rockpro64 with pci port, and the Compex works perfectly with the basic no-CT firmware (with a pcie->mpcie adapter), but rockpro64 have only one pcie port.

Now, I'm looking for a board that allows me to manage all this under openwrt.
This board must have 2 pcie/mpcie ports minimum, and 2 Ethernet ports.
As far as CPU power is concerned, I don't really know what is needed, so I would say something superior or equivalent to the Rockchip RK3399.
I can find a few cards that are over $200, but that kills the interest of the project. I'm looking for something closer to $90-100.

I've seen for example the bananapi-w2 which seems to be full of software bugs so, I come here to know your recommendations, your opinions on the choice of boards or on the project in general.


If there are comprehension problems, it's because I used the help of a translator, sorry.

Not sure if this really fits your needs, also last info is some time ago.

Maybe it's a bit extreme, I'm looking for something on sale and mass-produced.

Why not an APU from pcengines? You get two to three mPCIE ports and up to 4 GBe ports. The quad core x86 is nice and powerful.

Same here, APUs are the best choice. You might need to make additional holes in the standard casing to put your antennas. This is the only glitch.

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It wouldn't be extreme, it is on sale and it is mass produced :slight_smile:
But still it is not what you need, as you might probably be limited by the CPU.
Also, the two mPCIe lanes are 1x, so might not be enough for 4x4 MU-MIMO.

It seems to be a great idea the APU cards, I think I will opt for the apu2e2/apu2e0 for mesh and if I mount a replacement for my wrt1900acs surely the apu4d2.
The processors are quite old, but are still very powerful for what I want to do and with a low power consumption.

On the other hand, I can't find the mpcie version in documentation, do you have an idea? Concerning the heating, I'm thinking of getting a 3D printing box, should I plan a small radiator or something bigger?

Thx guys.

As for heating, the board is sealed to the casing with CPU glue (provided). Therefore the casing provides cooling. This is very simple and very clever. I never had heating problems. Casing is rather hot (I would say around 40°) but this is normal.

Detailed instructions:

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