Router as modem - configuration

Here is the configuration I want:

Internet <--> OpenWRT as a modem (LTE) <--> MAIN ROUTER <--> My internal network

I'm assuming this exists but I can't figure out how to search it.


  • My OpenWRT is a MOFI4500 LTE modem & router.
  • As a modem (ie: creating a connection to the internet), it is quite good
  • As a router & Wireless access point, I'm skeptical.
  • I'd rather have a newer, more powerful router be my main router, and just use my Mofi for what I mainly bought it for - it's LTE modem
  • (I could be wrong, but I'm having many problems in my home network, so replacing the MOFI as the router with a router I know and have had success with seems a good starting point.)

How do I configure this, or what is this configuration called, so I can search the answer?


I guess you can use your MOFI in IP-Passthrough(Bridge) Mode (you don't need OpenWrt for this) and connect it to any router you have.

Perfect. Thank you so much @AndrewZ!

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