Router and wifi client at the same time

i would like to ask to configure my openwrt router (ALIX 2D13) to connect through WIFI to another router as client. All traffic will go through the WIFI NATted from the openwrt to the WIFI.
At the same time have a LAN of eg and WIFI.
i have created the config of the router with the ethernet and the wifi for the LAN, but i am stuck with the config for the WAN wifi connection. so it is like this:
UPSTREAM router's WIFI -> WAN_WIFI_openwrt -> LAN & WIFI

  • Browse to Wireless
  • Scan for upstream AP
  • Click join
  • Follow wizard to add as WWAN

:spiral_notepad: The upstream AP needs to be set to a non DFS channel - do not use auto or your connections may continually drop when the upstream AP changes channel.

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But, use that join button once and once only. After that, examine the wifi config and manually reconfigure if needed.

The join button creates a new network named 'wwan' of type DHCP Client, and adds it to the wan firewall zone. If your use case never involves a wired connection to the Internet, instead of clicking the join button, you could set up the existing wan network for a wireless connection by removing the Ethernet physical port from it.

If the upstream network also uses, you will need to set your LAN IP to something else such as to allow proper routing.

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the upstream router uses subnet so the LAN is safe. i will give a try your proposals and i will come back if i have issues with it.
thanks for now.

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