Router + access points recommendations need to be available in New Zealand

Hi, cheers for stopping by.

I want something like a nano pi as main router.
That's capable to runn additional software, thigs like pi hole and other network comfort stuff, but also a small wiki server and Matrix server for a local chat.
For around 30 clients without braking a sweat.
With atleast 2 ports with preferably a third one for WAN, I'd be nice if 2 where 2.5G port's
But it's not that important I got access to cheap dumb switches, but it would be cool to have each house on its own port.

I want at least WiFi 6 capabilities on the access points, mainly for the multi client benefits, it can be quite crowded here, but the decent speed and kinda future proofing is nice to have.
I obviously need roaming but that should mainly be a software thing as fast as I'm aware.

I would prefer if they where running open-wrt as well but could begrudgingly live with a dump non wrt set-up.

Our uplink is a older Starlink dish as in its one of the dish ones not a square antenna.

There's 15 people living here over two houses a bunch of cabins and a few backpackers in vans.

On events we often reach numbers around 50 or more.

But something on the lines of a nanopi should not struggle with that kind of traffic especially keeping in mind that the true bottleneck will be the Starlink uplink.

Two of the AP's will end up outside in a lunchbox kinda situation if indoor placement ends up being lacking.

Why this post, well it seems hard to find decent hardware around here that is not insanely priced, or where shipping cost more than the hardware and will take months as in up to 4 months straight from china :sob:.

I'm happy to wait for around 14 days when it comes to shipping anything above that feels insane.

Good I miss being in Europe when it comes to electronics and the maker scene.

At the moment I'm thinking of going for the
Pre Order - Flint 2 (GL-MT6000)

Because with the fee shipping and that kind of a decent company behind it and on-top a no hassle out of the box open-wrt support looks dam good.

Sure they are probably a bit overpowered for just being an AP but that way they can runn things like DAWN and we probably get away without running extra switches.

I think I would go for 6 of those to have a few spare ones ready to go.

Sure they would only be here by the end of Nov but seeing that I haven't found something worthwhile as the main router yet.

Judging which devices are easily obtainable or well-priced in New Zealand (or Australia) is rather difficult for anyone from the outside, as markets (shipping routes, customs procedures) and pricing differ significantly from anywhere else (it doesn't help that either country is more aligning to ETSI regulatory rules, which makes them quite odd in terms of (relatively speaking) regional availability from Asia or the Americas).

In general, mt7622, ipq807x and filogic 820/ 830 based devices tend to be good options, just make sure that your favourite device is actually supported by OpenWrt (at the very least in main snapshots) right now, don't bet on devices (maybe-) getting supported in the future.

Cheers for your awnser.

Will start digging again.

Sill hoping that some local legend comes across this post who's just recently done the digging and or knows a few spots to look in that I'm not even aware of yet.

Try to look at Amazon in other countries to see if they ship, previously I posted the Netgeat WAX206 on Amazon Japan which was selling JPY4980 only! Including shipping fee someone paid only 40 EUR / device (He bought 3) which is still very cheap.