Router С300-1 (Megaphone, Yota) or PLDT, SmartBro

Tell me which openwrt assembly to choose for this router, there is practically no information on it on the network.
On YouTube there are versions for flashing and unlocking the web interface.

Proev next: after the firmware does not see the SIM card, change it.

When you roll back to the backup, the sim also does not see it, the sector may be damaged or ..

The hell Patti has access to it.

Thanks everyone for the advice!

If it is not in the Table of Hardware then it is most likely not supported. If you could provide some more information about the vendor, some specs page in the internet, or a wikidevi link it would be helpful.

I'll post some pics now, maybe I can figure something out.

Does the chip with the smudged markings say Mediatek MT7621 ?

yes, Mediatek MT 7621

7622 assembly compatible?

MT7621DAT is a chip

You've already been told once before, to use English.

Sorry, posts have been corrected.

No, but is, you can't however flash some random image, your device need to be specially supported.

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Does that mean you can't find the right assembly?


every device type have specific flash (disk) layout
on the flash, there is radio calibration data, which is again, specific for every device
if you try to flash some random image on router, there is a BIG chance that you will
a) brick device
b) destroy calibration data

so, without serial console, bootlog, and similar "hacking" no one could be sure what is proper DTS (device tree / hardware description) for your router

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What @NPeca75 said.

It requires hands on, your hands, you own the device.

You could boot an initramfs, to see how far you get, but it'll most probably require serial console access.

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Here I found an assembly for R281 / C300-1, through the web interface how to fill in these files gives an error, can anyone tell me?

YOU own the device, not us ...

as already pointed out, you'll need serial access to dig deeper.

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R281_OpenWrt shared by "LENAR"

so, maybe best solution is to ask this LENAR how to upload factory.bin to device

initramfs is for RAM booting trough TFTP
factory is for initial (first time) upload / install
sysupgrade is for final flashing AFTER factory

... at least, this is a common logic
but, who know what that "lenar" done