Router + 2 AP's (via 5GHz)

Hello everybody!

I'm looking for a good LEDE supported Hardware setup. It should be the main router (uplink is slow ADSL and is in the house, modem can be integrated or not) and two more [outdoor] access points which are best linked over 5GHz I think (90% of my devices don't have 5GHz). The network for the clients then should be provided with 2,4GHz from the router an both AP's. They should share the same SSID and passwords. I think the dhcp management and everything else client related should be central managed by the router.

Garage ---[~100m]----- House ----[~200m]---- Hall

What do you think of this setup? What hardware can you advise.
What I found so far are the nice ubiquity product line - but a little to expensive :roll_eyes:

Any ideas for the hardware and the setup are appreciated!

Thank's a lot!

Then what is not "too expensive" for you? Please let us know the maximum amount of money you are willing to invest.

Means I would like to invest maybe a maximum of 100$ for all 3 devices. I'm also open to no-brand china devices (if I can order them for less than 28$ each). They just should be proper supported by LEDE.
I already thought of a Xiaomi Wifi 3 (~25$) for all of the three devices - but as I read the wifi is a little picky...

I doubt that 5GHz can reach 100m let alone 200m...

Really? I thought a direct link (with free view) is supposed to reach many hundred meters with 5GHz, am I wrong?

It´s possible - don´t worry.

I used a few Ubiquiti NanoBridge M5 5GHz to connect some locations in Spain a few years ago. It just works :wink:


Yeah, but the ask for a $25 piece of equipment...

You may be able to do this with directional antenna devices at the garage and the hall, pointed at a regular indoor router inside the house. The path should be unobstructed other than the one wall of the house.

The NanoBeam and NanoBridge etc are very good performance for the money. I wish they would quit trying to lock the firmware.

You might want to reconsider you budget or adjust your expectations.

I wouldn't expect much more than 25-50 meters of range on 5 GHz without going to high-gain antennas.

A decent directional antenna is $50-60, the feed line another $20 in materials for a few meters ($50 if you need pre-assembled feed lines; tools to do it yourself aren't cheap). If you don't buy good feed line, you may be worse off than using the built-in antennas. Same for the antenna; the ones on eBay and the like are often no better than the "rubber duckies" that ship with decent WiFi routers.

I reconsidering the ranges I want to bridge! :grinning:

Actually the distance between an Access Point is not more than 40 meters.

Garage —[~35m]----- House ----[~40m]---- Hall

Any new suggestions for AP's and router based on this new factors? Outdoor AP's are in favor :sunglasses:

At your system budget, no. At those ranges you might be able to get away with consumer-grade routers, assuming it is line of sight. My experience is that I can get ~25 meters on 5 GHz and a reliable link with a big glass window in one location and an uninsulated, wood-frame garage on the other. Throw in "real" walls or insulation with its typical metallized backing and the link becomes marginal.

Unless you get a great deal on eBay or some surplus site, you're not getting outdoor APs of any quality for your 3 devices for $100

The wireless "route" is quite a line of sight. Quite because there could be some small trees or bushes. The router should be located directly after a clay brick wall. So no isolated windows or bigger metals should kill the signal.

If I double the budget to $200 - what's in the box? :grin:

... and I'm still keen if the Xiaomi WiFi Router 3G for $25 bucks shipped could make a good invest for these use-case... any thoughts beside that they are not suitable for outdoor use :kissing_smiling_eyes:

On that budget why not get a cheap set of power line adapters?? Sets can be found including WiFi. Those might not be OpenWRT capable even though you might some that are able to run OpenWRT on the AP. Performance might not be ideal considering the distance but given your budget...well beggars can’t be choosers :wink:

Or you have to consider placing an additional cheap 5GHz unit somewhere “in the middle” and create some kind of mesh to bridge the wireless gap. Getting full WiFi roaming coverage seems to be tricky in your scenario I think.

5Ghz doesn't like any kind of barricade and a small tree is one.

You always get what you pay for. There is no such thing as the perfect router for 30$!

If you don't have many neighbors on 2.4 GHz and you don't need more than about 10 Mbps service in the outbuildings, you could likely go with only 2.4 and on-channel repeating.

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I have quite similar setup although without 5GHz. Main router TP-Link wr841 v13 and two Ubiquty Unifi AP connected to the main router through electricity using TL-PA2010 v1 adapters which transfer ethernet LAN connection. Works perfectly. Btw Unifi have also 5GHz versions

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