Router 1Gbit with 2x WAN and service GSM


i was wondering if there is such an device on market that can handle 2xWAN 1Gbit (failover), 1xWAN to have option SFP/rj45 and also device includes USB port that can handle GSM modem using for a service connection in case both WLANs connections are down.


You are looking at x86_64.

Sw301da or sw302da, the latter if you want usb3 ports.

Decently sized ARM (64-bit) will do fine too, not too sure if you'll find support for such in OpenWrt though.

There is no chips like this, even 6 core rockchips PI's capable only for 1.35gbit, proove me if i wrong.

since the 2nd WAN is for fail over, I would assume only one WAN is used at a time.... ?

yes 1 wan is used at the time, second one is failover if the first one is down, and usb LTE is service if both wans are down.

@slh could you recco what x86_64 can handle that?

also what distro would be for such a scenario?

@frollic what exactly is sw302da, cant google it.


the sw301da have black USB(2) ports, the sw302da have blue USB(3) ports.

OpenWRT is capable of handling this, which I though was the reason why you posted here ?

there are some additional suggestions in Tips for getting cheap used x86-based firewall with full Gbit NAT (a PC Engines APU) if you are in the US

it seems that should be good candidate for such an use-case?

This board version is targeted at applications that require 2 3G / LTE modems. SIM sockets can be swapped under GPIO control, enabling failover between two different networks even when only one modem is used.

Appreciate if anyone could advise here...


sure, apu2 would work too, if cheaper, and fits your needs.