Route48 ipv6 wireguard tunnel broker

My Current setup:
I have netgear 6220 running openwrt v19.07.10. Also i'm running 2x WAN connection on these using mwan3. Both my ISPs don't provide a ipv6 address and are running CGNAT

The issue:
I am using route48 tunnel broker service to get a ipv6 address. I'm using wireguard tunnel. I installed wiregaurd packages and did the configuration. Also updated MWAN3 configuration to include wiregaurd interface as well. It seems to be working and i can do ipv6 ping to via router network diagnostics and getting the reponse as well which I was previously unable to do.

However when I try to run any test on , it still says ipv6 not supported on my system. Also I'm unable to ping from my laptop as well.

Any idea what i'm still missing out?

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To be clear, did you ever configure IPv6 for clients?

Such as:

  • delegating subnets to LAN interfaces
  • setting up RA/DHCPv6
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