Route VPN onto a specific LAN port?

I've read the VPN PBR (policy based routing) however it seems like that, just as VPN Fusion does for Asus routers, only route VPN onto a specific device i.e ip-adress or mac-adress.

This is a problem.. Because if VPN goes down, I don't want to be stranded with no internet at all. I would want the option of switching ethernet port so that my device can get internet connection again.

Is there a way to achieve this?

if you're using Wireguard VPN you can easily set "Use gateway metric" for wg interface to a lower value than your wan interface gateway metric value so if wireguard interface goes down it will use wan internet

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Yes that would work aswell. I am not interested in a killswitch, as long as VPN is on 99% of the time I'm fine as I always need to have an internet connection.

Edit: I noticed "Strict enforcement: Do not enforce.." setting allows for this, switching over to WAN if the wireguard is down i believe.

Does it automatically re-connect to Wireguard if it's back up again after being disconnected after some time?

I did simillar thing but with wireless devices. my 2.4Ghz AP was using vpn and 5Ghz AP was without vpn the way I achieved this was with creating an interface that would give specefic range of IP to devices and I used pbr so that range not use vpn connection and used that interface in my 5Ghz AP. maybe similar thing can be done for ethernet ports. maybe experts can help?

I haven't tested that. my vpn connection is switching to wan only if I stop my wireguard interface. and when I start it again I will have my vpn connection again.