Route traffic by URL to a VPN to solve IPTV geoBlocking for IPTV services only for the USA IPTV service

Hi Community

Sorry if this is too obvious a question, Ive spent hours of googling hasn't turned up anything myself.

Im trying to find a way to configure my local LAN so that all requests for the domain originating from my LAN are routed to a internet gateway that VPN's to the USA.

My goal here is to be able to route traffic for to the VPN terminating in the US but allow all other traffic to route out my local gateway to my ISP.

Setting up a seperate LAN/VLAN with wireless or Cat6 will allow me to segment traffic at a device level, but this won't help, I have multiple Apple TV's for example that all need local Gateway egress for all the local Australia TV services, so if I can't route by URL I have to choose between the paid US content or the paid AUS content.

I would very much appreciate any guidance for how to do this


Policy based routing should help.

Look at this page in the wiki for more information