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Hello, i want to route internet to my Openwrt router, my main router is bridged and i want to use my Openwrt router as main. How i can configure it properly? I tested dump Ap bridge but this is no correct solution. I only way abel to connect 1 device and it was direkt bridged without internal ip.

Could pleaye someone help me with that configuration and i can just apply and enjoy the benefits of Openwrt?

Thx for reeding

it should work out of the box (post reset or new install), unless you need specific config, to make the connection work, like PPPoE, cloned WAN port MAC, VLAN, etc ...

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Nope it dont work out of the Box i did so many resets i cant count them. Only one who worked was Bridged AP

Also i need to Mention that i want too use the Wifi of the router to, like normal router do. Its just an replacement, who the bridged modem route its connection too the Openwrt router.

When you configure an ISP gateway as a bridged modem instead, any wifi system that box may have will not be usable. You will need to provide wifi from your own router.

There will be one Ethernet cable from the wan port of your OpenWrt router to the modem. The wan protocol in OpenWrt will be DHCP client (which is the default) or pppoe depending on the needs of the ISP box and network. In general, cable modems are DHCP, DSL is typically pppoe and fiber can be either, though the trend in the industry is moving both fiber and DSL to DHCP.


Then you probably have to be more specific on what didn't work.

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Or @pckotzer you are doing something wrong with your setup.

As mentioned, it should work out-of-the-box after a fresh installation of OpenWRT. Make sure to connect your ISP Modem (via LAN port) to the WAN port of your OpenWRT router. This by default should work.

Now for the WiFi, it's disabled by default, it is meant that way so you can edit the config (Like changing the WiFi SSID and setting your own password) before enabling it.

Now, you also mentioned "Bridged AP", if you are connecting your OpenWRT to your ISP Modem via WiFi to WiFi, this will definitely not work if your ISP Modem is set to BRIDGE mode.

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Yeah youre right, let me explain how its set up.

Bridged Router (Main) adress --> via LAN to OpenWrt router ---> Send Wifi signals with automatic DHCP ----> No Internet.

I tryed to Gateaway and DNS server with but nothing worked.

The bridged modem dont provide Wlan in this mode, only in router mode.

If openwrt device is connected via WAN port, you need to change the openwrt LAN subnet, it can't be the same as WAN side subnet.

Or convert the openwrt device to dumb AP.


If you are sure that your ISP Modem is in Bridge Mode, and if this a new install of OpenWRT with no changes other than the WiFi settings. And as long as you connected the LAN from your Gateway Router (Main - Bridged Router) to the WAN port of your OpenWRT device, then it should already work out-of-the-box.

Make sure the IPV4 upstream in your OpenWRT (check the Overview screen), that the IP is not in the 192.168.x.x, 10.x.x.x or 172.x.x.x IP sets.

Now your gateway should be and your DNS should be as the default of OpenWRT (check the BR-LAN / LAN interface). Make sure that the device connecting to your OpenWRT via WiFi is in Automatic DHCP mode.

nope, read the last reply ...

why can't it ?

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If the IP given by your ISP router to your OpenWRT device (which will be shown in the IPV4 upstream) is in one of this IP ranges 192.168.x.x, 10.x.x.x or 172.x.x.x it means your ISP router is in ROUTE mode.

This can still work in either Dumb AP mode which instead of using the WAN port, connect to any of the LAN port on your OpenWRT router, and make sure that the DHCP in OpenWRT router is disabled, and your BR-LAN interface is using DHCP instead of STATIC - check OpenWRT documentation.

Or make sure that the BR-LAN interface is not using the same IP Range as the one being given by your main router (lan cable is still connected to the WAN port). For example, if your Main Router is giving 192.168.1.x IP's, then use 192.168.10.x IP range in your BR-LAN.

I¨d still work. you'd "just" be double+ NATing...
Might even be a must, depending on what you want to do, and how configurable the ISPs router is

This is exactly what i did and also worked, but is horrible wrong in my setup since the connection is direct routed to my Openwrt device where i if i join my wifi only connect 1 and got the outside ip instead of the internal. With 1 i mean that no more can connect couse something is missed here. Its good for AP but not with a Bridged modem too this setup. I wasted days for this and this is not the right config.

There must be somehow internal ip be used, but i dont know how i can setup this with the bridged modem.

What part?

WAN <> LAN subnets should really be all you need, and no dumb AP, if the modem only gives out one IP.

Anyways what is meaned with wan port? I use an Firtzbox who had dsl port and 4 lan ports

You could have mentioned that earlier....

What model, exactly?

Fritz!Box 7432 sl with firmware 22

The bridged modem just pass the internet to via lan which i connect to lan1