Route Specific Website/Apps through Different Interfaces

Hello, is it possible to route a specific domain or IP? For example, I want Facebook/Messenger to use the second interface, as it is very stable for video calls in my area, while other sites or apps use the first interface.

I've been searching for an hour and I see results about Policy-Based Routing. Am I correct? I need help because I'm new to OpenWrt and this field.

You've got 2 (or more) WANs, and/or a VPN setup, I assume?

Yes, PBR is the way to do this.

yes i have 2 wans setups from the wan port and vlan port and it working both wans, but i dont know the vpn

Then yes, PBR is what you want

If it's not relevant in your setup, nothing to worry about. (PBR would still apply, but if you're not using a VPN, just pretend I didn't ask :slight_smile: ).

great!, thank you, well try it.