Route specific traffic over vpn

Hi, im wondering whats the best way to route specific addresses over different interfaces? Would be great if i could use fqdn instead of ip address but ip address would be great too.. I dont want to route all the traffic over the tunnel as it gets slow then. Just the necessary ones from a few addresses.

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Looks good but its a bit over the top in my case i think as i use only two gateways in my case... Is it possible to do it with the built in firewal?

It doesn't matter how many gateways you have. If you wanted to route a few lan hosts it could be done more easily. However routing specific destinations or hostnames makes it complicated and vpn-pbr is necessary.

actually for now i want just route one address/443, all the rest can go wan, i actually have an ip address i could use, hopefully it stays the same. However.. my device is already on the limit as im using my old 1043md, not sure if it can handle much more stuff..

You can try with a set of rules/routes then.
Although it doesn't directly support ports, it supports marks. So if you mark the interesting traffic in iptables, that mark can be used in the rule.