Route only one PC through VPN

Hi Everybody,

I have configured my openwrt with firewall +vpn like this:
Wan ->. Rejected
Vpn -> rejected
Lan -> vpn

Then all traffic IS routed through vpn
But now i want to change this for route to vpn only one Pc.
Can you help me to change my config for this?

Use vpnbypass package, you can also configure it by marking packets from specific host, and route them into special table.

thanks, but could you more explain? vpnbypass is for by pass host outside vpn. My needs is to route only traffic from one specific host to vpn.
Also supports dedicating local ports/IP ranges for direct\ internet access (outside of your VPN tunnel).

So all the other local devices won't have internet? If so, just change the firewall rule which sends traffic from LAN to VPN to allow only specific source IP.

@stangri : no.
All PCs have internet access but i want :
All pcs via WAN
except one specif host via vpn.

Separate VPN from WAN in network config, create its own firewall zone for VPN with default forwarding for LAN/WAN, disable VPN being default routing and use vpn-policy-routing to route a specific IP to VPN.

I did not understand everything but I will try :wink:
thank you

Install package vpnbypass (it is in default list of repositories, unlike vpn-policy-routing), and try it. @stangri gave mess into topic. He is author of both packages, and his answers are correct. However for methodological purpose they are not good.