Route netflix via wg, or tailscale, or zerotier

Hi all. I'm trying to route traffic from one network through existing tunnel (wg). I have tried PBR, it seems doesn't work well with wireguard. Entry is wgserver.
In fact I may route all traffic from one IP via tunnel to exit other wan side. Any solution will be good enough. I also have tailscale or zerotier available to use.

What kind of setup are you talking about e.g "server" setup to connect to the internet to your home or "client" setup e.g. to a commercial VPN provider?

I have wireguard between two routers - two countries. And I want route from country A to use WAN in country B.

If you simply route everything from router A via the tunnel you should have an IP address of router B and corresponding netflix.

Problem is, I don't want to route everything, only one or two static IP addresses.

You need PBR but also need to take care of routing the DNS request of the clients via the tunnel.
Newest PBR package have DNS routing per client, otherwise use DNS option 6 for your clients