Rootfs partition problem on GL-MT6000


Re-running your steps (I read also your other topic) some questions pop-up:

  • the router locked up following this command "/etc/init.d/network restart".
    What did you changed? If it locks up afterwards, there must be a typo or some other mistake in it and network will never come up.
    TTL-Serial needed to fix this, or the router only boots into recovery/failsafe mode.

  • It booted but with disk errors in the log.
    How did you see those logs, what was in the logs? If you now can not get into the device?

  • Router has eMMC memory, no idea if you can use gpart for its partitioning, mtd is another type and can NOT be set that way.

  • Why did you delete rootfs, you removed all of OpenWrt.

On OpenWrt: ssh should always be possible from LAN side - LAN1 no DHCP (recovery/failsafe mode)

The screen you shown is NOT OpenWrt: U-Boot screen with my browser
This looks more the OEM flash / recovery utility.

Did you try to flash original OEM firmware with this tool?
Does that work?

If it does, re-try installing OpenWrt and leave as is, it is SNAPSHOT version, WiP (Work In Progress).