Root FS expansion script fails on rpi5

Hello all,

Im a mechanical engineer with experience in robotics that was dumb enough to try starting my own company. its 2 people in a garage building a system to coordinate fleets of many mobile robotic machine tenders for machine shops. we have a need for a super light, open, customizable, router os to implement our software; but we arent selling routers. we are a robotics company and we're here to contribute.

We have been using openWRT successfully as a docker host for our software and we greatly appreciate the flexibility and configure-ability of the uci firewall to customize security needs per application.

I had another thread in Installation forum (Expanding root soft-bricks Raspberry Pi 5) but the context of my problem and the use of a snapshot build is better suited to Development, so @LilRedDog suggested I pick up the conversation here.

Now... on to my struggles... I am trying to install docker on raspi5 w/ a snapshot build for testing. in order to do that - I need a little more space than the default ~100Mb. I can mount another formatted partition to /opt/docker, but we need a little more space on the root to install docker.

The script here: does not appear to work, and the raspi5 is powered on but unresponsive on subsequent boots. I suspect that the partition is being expanded, but the fs is not. It appears that the raspi5 fails to boot completely after the first reboot, but I am having trouble diagnosing it because it isnt responding to ssh and luci is not available (i had made a custom build on the firmware builder w/ luci)

@KSofen and @leo both presented solutions in my other thread that do work. However due to our 2-person size, I am looking for an online, scripted, solution as opposed to building from scratch. I would like to help dig into why the wiki script doesnt work so we can contribute a fix. We have use the wiki script on raspi4, cm4 and nanopi r4s and it works without issue on all three of those platforms.

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