Rom for cudy wr1300 v3

Any one please help me on Cudy wr1300. I just bought this new router but cant find ro, please some one help me to find that !

of openwrt ? unless v3 differs from the ones supported.

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cant update

not how it's done, but your device is v3, only v1 and v2 are supported.

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is there any way to make this v3 wrt supportable ? like downgrading to v3 to v2 is this possible ?

no idea, depends on the hw.

it's a hw release version, not sw.

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there's some work being done for the v3 in Cudy WR1300 v3 MT7613BE

It is supported.
But initial flash must be done with Cudy's version of Openwrt which can be downloaded from here

After that, you can upgrade to latest RC4 (for V2)

Officially, it's not

If the v2 images work, good on you!