RockPro64 Network Interface RTL8211F not supported


I tried to install OpenWRT 22.03.0 on my new RockPro64 board.
I got it running, but with one big problem.
The RockPro64 now uses the RTL8211F instead of the RTL8211E PHY. This is apparently not supported by OpenWRT. The network interface works, but has big problems in my home network and can not get an address via DHCP.

In the Linux version of Ayufan a driver for the RTL8211F is implemented. I have no problems with this, but would rather have OpenWRT running.

Is this known?

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Is it supported by the mainline Linux kernel?

I am very new to the Linux world, but I think in the mailine kernel of Ayufan this should be the case.

Check if master already has (optional?) kernel v5.15 support (TESTING_KERNEL, building from source) and test if that supports your networking chip. Rockchip generally has good mainline support, so it probably has already been ported (can't check right now) or could be done so relatively easily - if that doesn't help, you'd have to backport the necessary patches from newer kernels.