Rocket M5 XW Firmware

Does anyone know why the firmware support for the Ubiquiti Rocket M5 XW stopped at 19.07.10? My understanding is that the XM is an older version of the board but that still has current builds of OpenWRT. I've had a good look around the forums and the docs but can't find any reference to any issues with the hardware. Thanks.

Same device ?

Nope, there doesn't seem to be a page on the wiki for the device. This is the link to the firmware selector with the last build that works for the device.

OpenWrt Firmware Selector

Nobody ported it over from ar71xx target to the new ath79 target.
Only the rocket XM series got ported:

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Thanks for the info.

I got in touch with @alec-hs, and found out, that ar71xx used the same board init code as for Bullet M XW. So I suggested trying that out - at least for the non-GPS model this should work, and if so, we could create an alias for that. I recall actually helping @ynezz doing that port back in the day.

So I've just flashed the XW with the the Bullet M XW and while it accepts the image and boots to 2 normal LEDs the Luci web interface never loads.

Ah, so it looks like different PHY tuning parameters or whatnot. Do you have serial console? Or running snapshot, by any chance? Snapshot builds lack LuCI. Initramfs images lack it too.

Do you have the pin order for the serial header? I can't find any docs with it on. I was just using the factory image from here:

OpenWrt Firmware Selector

Probably going to be the same as this:

One will be tied to ground, you can find that with a resistance meter, then you can locate TX and RX by looking at the serial console activity itself. Don't connect the 3.3V line.

Got my hands on a RM5XW, and even on ar71xx it has the PHY downshift problem which conflicts with NetworkManager's behaviour - PHY supports and advertises gigabit while the magnetics support only Fast Ethernet. I'll attempt the port in coming days.

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Allright, I figured that out. PR is here:

While at that this fixes Bullet M XW line too.
Edit: merged to main as well as stable branches too, should be available in 23.05-SNAPSHOT soon.

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