Rock 5B and/or Rock 5 ITX Support?

Hey all. I've been an OpenWRT fan and user on and off since the mid 2010s, but only now have I revisited it and installed it on a custom ITX x86 PC I built for it (well acting as my router, as I had OPNsense on it before)... My custom PC runs OpenWRT great, but it's still kinda large for my tastes (I even recently downsized it from a larger, taller case). I'm a huge fan of single board computers like the Raspberry Pi and Radxa families of devices. Recently Radxa released the Rock 5 ITX with two 2.5 GBit Ethernet ports onboard. Its hardware is super overkill for a router OS like OpenWRT, but its compact form factor is awesome and I think it'd make a great platform for OpenWRT. I have a Rock 5B and it runs anything I throw at it super well. They both share the RK3588 chipset. I tried building a custom image of OpenWRT for my Rock 5B to see if it'd boot, but I couldn't get it working..

Here's a link to the Rock 5 ITX for reference:

and here's a link to the Rock 5B for reference:

With all that said, are there any plans to support the RK3588 family of devices like the ones I mentioned? If there are builds in progress etc for either device and developers don't have them at their disposal I'd be more than happy to help beta test anything y'all theoretically get working.

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Once SoC support exists in Linux (I think it does now), and Openwrt catches up, kernel version wise, they could get added.
Search the forum for RK3588.

At $120 for the bare mobo, I'd rather buy an used Dell Edge 620/640/680.

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So true, but I like to overspec my systems so when it's time to repurpose them they're not total garbage, ya kno? Also the Rock 5 ITX I want to get to run OpenWRT on has 8GB of RAM and 8GB of onboard eMMC storage, of which I think is perfect for OpenWRT. Sure it's more than you need, but as I said, "it's better to have too much rather than too little".