ROAS, and DHCP addresses in different VLANs

I guess this is one situation that I have never encountered. I honestly wouldn’t have expected it fail like that. But @mk24 called it!

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I think it would have been very difficult to identify such an issue.
I've tried out the same setup on a D-Link switch, and there i didn't experience this issue.
Also tried another Cisco switch, and the same issue.
So it seems to be something with the Cisco switches. They are known to be a little bit nasty in case of the native vlan 1. That's the reason why we don't use our native vlan 1 at all in our company.
I hope this topic will help someone on dealing with a tagged vlan setup on OpenWRT within a Cisco network.

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Another solution i've found.
Using this command on the affected interface also works fine.

switchport default-vlan tagged
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