RIP routes on Windows 10 from quagga set up through a router with OpenWRT

First off I am new to networking and Linux altogether. So I have installed quagga on my TP-Link router using the OpenWRT firmware. I have configured it for RIP and am trying to update a routing table on my host computer (that is on the WAN side of the router). The problem is, is that my host computer can't see the routes that the TP-Link is advertising. I have RIP listener turned on and can see routes from other routers but not the TP-Link. I know RIP listener can only do version 1 so I have it set for version 1 but I still can't figure out whats going on. I was wondering if anyone knew if there was any extra steps I need to take to see the RIP routes on my host computer from Quagga.


If it helps, here is my Ripd.Conf file