Riello IDG600 UPS doesn't talk to upsmon

Hi all,

I'm having a big prob, I hope someone could be kind enough to help? I'm using a Riello IDG600 to power a BT Home Hub 5. Both are connected via USB.

The UPS shows up on /dev/ttyUSB0, and I have all relevant drivers installed. However I cannot get upsmon to talk to the ups. Does anyone have any examples of /etc/nut/* they are happy to share to push me in the right direction? Would really appreciate it...

It's for my old parents house, and when they go away (from their old'ish house) the power sometimes trips out, hence the UPS. I want to send an email alert if the power goes off, so one of us Kids can drive over and put power back on before the freezer defrosts!

Many many thanks,

Ian B

might probably want to post the nut conf ...


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Please show the content of your ups.conf

Thanks guys, it's this :

driver = riello_ser
port = /dev/ttyUSB0

maxretry = 3
pollinterval = 10

I have tried driver riello_usb also...

My undersytanding that you should use riello_usb driver.
I would try to use riello_usb executable as shown here then seek for help from NUT project directly.
Don't focus on upsmon yet, start from upsc.