[RFT] Enable eth1 in Linksys EA8500


I made patch, which should enable eth1 in Linksys EA8500:

I have only EA7500 V1, but no EA8500.
Could someone test it?

Hi, I'd like to test it. Bought a used EA8500 these days and wanted to use it as a replacement for my current router -- however, without eth1 this is going nowhere :slight_smile:

Do you have a pre-built image?
I'm not very adapt with git. I cloned master and tried to update qcom-ipq8064-ea8500.dts manually, but the file is considerably different from your version.

So I tried with your fork (https://github.com/CHKDSK88/openwrt-1), but the build failed. As far as I can tell due to missting libpcre.


Thank You for answer. It was merged:

You can try it with new official snapshot image.

thanks for the quick answer.
will try over the weekend and let you know the result!