RFC - wwan/uqmi revamp

I'd be happy to test although would that mean switching from 22.03.2 to master?

I have a Zyxel NR7101:

Selfishly the specific situation I am keen to address is that my ISP modem disconnects my device at 48 hours. An immediate reconnection is needed with possible wan IP refresh.

So originally I just used 'luci-proto-qmi' and that worked well save for the 48 hour disconnect resulting in loss of connectivity and an unhappy wife.

At this time a call to uqmi confirmed the connection had been lost. Apparently I could set 'set-autoconnect=enabled' but I am told that at this point OpenWrt wouldn't even know to assign a new IP address.

That is why I tried ModemManager which seemed to pull in a bunch of packages. Given its age and weightiness I imagined it would just effortlessly deal with this 48 hour disconnect out of the box.

Helpfully it gave the error message:

Mon Oct 31 17:37:46 2022 daemon.info [2719]: <info>  [modem0/bearer1] verbose call end reason (6,36): [3gpp] regular-deactivation

But then to my astonishment the fat lazy man just sat there doing nothing, I have loss of internet connectivity and OpenWrt doesn't even know about it. And naturally my heart sank.

Apparently there is a patch in master to deal with this:

But not in 22.03.2.

I'd personally like to ditch ModemManager and just work with uqmi if even that's possible. Although maybe there's no getting away from the need for a daemon of some form. I'm pretty new to this having relied upon a Huwaei B818-263 in bridge mode before. Bridge mode in this context in OpenWrt doesn't seem to be a thing.

I'm not altogether sure if your proposed fixes would address my issue or not.