RFC - wwan/uqmi revamp

Dear @yogo1212,

Very interesting.

Could you comment on how this relates to the issue I outlined here:

Might your proposal address / fix the issue I outline in the thread above (which seems to be an issue encountered by several users)? If so, that seems positive to me. Does it mean users can forego ModemManager and just use e.g. 'luci-proto-qmi' + these fixes? ModemManager does seem a bit bloated.

Otherwise in general for what it's worth the wwan handling in OpenWrt seems like a bit of a mess. Is that a fair assessment?

It feels to me like the present wwan handling in OpenWrt really could do with some revamping and/or consolidation. My understanding is that there are various different tools (e.g. luci-proto-qmi or luci-proto-modemmanager, uqmi or ModemManager and mmcli with proxy, and more?) with overlapping, unclear or poorly documented utility and even in 22.03.2 the handling seems a bit broken at the moment.

At the moment various users seem to be relying upon their own DIY hacks to try to overcome wwan disconnects and reconnections, e.g. by restarting the router every 24 hours or other techniques.

The overall capability seems all there across the various different tools, it just needs some looking at to converge on something robust that is well documented.