RFC: new device Table of Hardware

Inspired (or rather copied) from the LineageOS project I created a device overview for devices supporting OpenWrt. The metadata and images is crawled via a simple python scraper, for testing I added a Device Tree parser to show the devices flash layout.

Instead of rewriting (and updating) the wiki, templates are used to describe common things, however filled with metadata of the devices.

Below an example on how a device wiki could look like. I'm not a web developer therefore style modifications are very limited so far.

Please share your thoughts, I'd be happy to template most parts of the wiki allowing a generic experience for new users trying to flash their devices.

I think, you should explain why the proposed approach is better than the current one.
What problems does it solve, pros and cons, a few major reasons at least.

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Okay let me write down the biggest issues I see with the current design, please don't take anything personal.

  • Hard to find the actual download pages
  • The per device ToH hwdata view isn't really pretty nor clearly arranged
  • Many links are outdated, partly dead, partly LEDE, partly 15.x releases
  • Often the device installation are similar (most TP-Link devices, TFTP recovery), however always rewritten
  • Current wiki workflow is very different from the rest of OpenWrt (git, PRs, etc)
  • Low level of automation possible, e.g. link changes in of snapshot may break stuff, changes in flash layout are hard to keep updated
  • Complicated cross posting as some wiki pages just link to other pages
  • The MediaWiki markup language feels less common than plain Markdown
  • Machine readable device information!

I'm happy to elaborate on all these points, but would be happy if you could share some thoughts as well :slight_smile:

Thanks for you time!

This has more to do with the content rather than the format. It's a valid point, but too much work.

Agreed. Though, we need to think of the best way to address differences.

This can be double-edge sword (whatever this means in this context).

I may add that what's also missing is that there are no bookmarks. If you want to reference a particular section of a wiki page in the forum, you can only put a link to the page then you have to mention the particular section you are talking about.

Did you know that the complete wikidevi data dump is available for download?


Can you pull the hardware data from this wikidevi dump?