Reyee RG-E5 AX3200 < $60 on US eBay

Open boxes

Supported since yesterday, in the snapshots.

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the shipping is to much from us to europe, but i love that device, i'll search in europe for a good price

Drop me a PM, can send you one from US, going there soon :slight_smile:


at 40 us dollars, yes i 'll do that.
i paid 43 euro for my xiaomi ax 3200

It's not going to be $40, you need to add (at least domestic) shipping and tax, you're looking at $50+ and up.

sure i know that.

Anyone have one? Can the antennas operate flat?

Why wouldn't they?

Is 2.4 AX or N on this router? Any range comparison to RT3200 ?

should be better, using external antennas ...

No performance issues?

Does anyone know what the story is behind these ebay listings? All the sellers are selling 1 unit and they all have Amazon warehouse removal stickers on them. Which may suggest they are faulty units.

Then they wouldn't be sold as open boxes, but sure, it's a gamble.

My guess is Amazon were selling some returns, question is only why they were returned.
Might just be an awful firmware, it has happened before - good hw accompanied by bad sw.

According to CCC, the used were never cheaper than $77 on Amazon, which can't be right.

Amazon isn't the one selling it as open box. 20 random ebay sellers are selling 1 piece each as open box.

And the price makes no sense because amazon never sold used this low... so something is up

If it says Amazon warehouse on the boxes, they probably came from Amazon, right?

That's what I just said.. :slight_smile:

they all came from amazon and have the unsellable sticker. if it was one seller with 50 units I would assume the seller just offloaded returned stock. the fact its 20 different sellers with 20 different listings begs the question as to what is going on.

edit: they also all are $60. $60 with free shipping. $40 with $20 shipping. $50 with $10 shipping.... seems like all 20 sellers must be ran by the same entity.

that said maybe someone could convince reyee to drop their price so we can buy these brand new below $100.

It's already at $110, but I think the new ones were cheaper on ebay.