Revive a TP-LINK TL-WDR3600


I'm bringing this device back into service after being in storage for years to be an AP. Wondering if I should upgrade to the latest version supported as specified at
Currently running "OpenWrt Attitude Adjustment 12.09 / LuCI 0.11.1 Release (0.11.1)".

The question is:
Can I upgrade directly to the latest? Or should upgrade to another release before the final version?

It seems some people had some issues with other versions sometime back but it might be all fine now, according to:

You should probably upgrade to another release before the final version. There were many changes since version 12. I would try the following:

12 <> 14 <> 17 <> 18 <> 19 <> 22.03.5

Thanks @lleachii

I would assume a factory.bin is preferred vs a sysupgrade.bin correct?

I did find the images for the following releases:

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If your device is currently running OpenWrt, that would be Incorrect.

  • Sysupgrade is used to perform an in-place upgrade of OpenWrt - this is what you desire
  • Factory is generally used when doing: unbricking, recovery, booting from TFTP/bootloader, initial installation, etc.

You should use sysupgrade.

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