Reverting from snapshot to stable release

A few months ago made a custom image with snapshot(r11167-273a6cb562) image builder by mistake. There is some sort of instability. Periodically the roter (Xiaomi Mi WiFi mini) stops to respond and no wifi or switch traffic can pass. Rebooting from power restores the functionality of the unit. When I try to flash the latest stable release I get the following:

 sysupgrade -v /tmp/up.bin 
Device xiaomi,miwifi-mini not supported by this image
Supported devices: miwifi-mini
Image check failed.

Is this just a minor string change, or there is more general changes and it is not safe to force downgrade?

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Same with 19.07-rc2 image. No mater if its pre built or custom

It may be a minor string change related to being more specific about board names. In some cases a new board name is used to "protect against" an upgrade/downgrade that, for example, changes partitioning.

$ git log --pretty=oneline target/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620a_xiaomi_miwifi-mini.dts
556ff09875 ramips/mt762x: convert devices to interrupt-driven gpio-keys
7140394903 ramips: provide label MAC address
48047b3a5c ramips/mt7620: Name DTS files based on scheme

What kind of instability are you seeing? What other packages have you installed, if any?

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Packages.. yes. quite few of them :wink:

acme arp-scan base-files block-mount busybox ca-bundle ca-certificates cgi-io chat collectd collectd-mod-cpu collectd-mod-interface collectd-mod-iwinfo collectd-mod-load collectd-mod-memory collectd-mod-network collectd-mod-rrdtool comgt ddns-scripts dnsmasq dropbear etherwake firewall fstools fwtool getrandom hostapd-common ip-tiny ip6tables iptables iptables-mod-conntrack-extra iptables-mod-ipopt iw iwinfo jshn jsonfilter kernel kmod-cfg80211 kmod-crypto-acompress kmod-eeprom-93cx6 kmod-gpio-button-hotplug kmod-ifb kmod-ip6tables kmod-ipt-conntrack kmod-ipt-conntrack-extra kmod-ipt-core kmod-ipt-ipopt kmod-ipt-nat kmod-ipt-offload kmod-ipt-raw kmod-leds-gpio kmod-lib-crc-ccitt kmod-lib-crc-itu-t kmod-lib-lz4 kmod-lib-lzo kmod-mac80211 kmod-mt76 kmod-mt76-core kmod-mt7603 kmod-mt76x02-common kmod-mt76x2 kmod-mt76x2-common kmod-nf-conntrack kmod-nf-conntrack6 kmod-nf-flow kmod-nf-ipt kmod-nf-ipt6 kmod-nf-nat kmod-nf-reject kmod-nf-reject6 kmod-nls-base kmod-ppp kmod-pppoe kmod-pppox kmod-rt2800-lib kmod-rt2800-mmio kmod-rt2800-pci kmod-rt2800-soc kmod-rt2x00-lib kmod-rt2x00-mmio kmod-rt2x00-pci kmod-sched-connmark kmod-sched-core kmod-slhc kmod-udptunnel4 kmod-udptunnel6 kmod-usb-core kmod-usb-ehci kmod-usb-ohci kmod-usb-serial kmod-usb-serial-option kmod-usb-serial-wwan kmod-usb2 kmod-wireguard kmod-zram libblkid1 libblobmsg-json libbz2-1.0 libc libcap libelf1 libffi libgcc1 libip4tc2 libip6tc2 libiwinfo-lua libiwinfo20181126 libjson-c4 libjson-script libltdl7 liblua5.1.5 liblucihttp-lua liblucihttp0 libmbedtls12 libmnl0 libncurses6 libnl-tiny libopenssl-conf libopenssl1.1 libpcap1 libpcre libpthread librrd1 librt libubox20170601 libubus-lua libubus20170705 libuci-lua libuci20130104 libuclient20160123 libusb-1.0-0 libustream-mbedtls20150806 libuuid1 libxtables12 logd lua luci luci-app-acme luci-app-ddns luci-app-firewall luci-app-opkg luci-app-qos luci-app-radicale luci-app-samba luci-app-statistics luci-app-tinyproxy luci-app-uhttpd luci-app-wireguard luci-app-wol luci-base luci-lib-ip luci-lib-ipkg luci-lib-iptparser luci-lib-jsonc luci-lib-nixio luci-mod-admin-full luci-mod-network luci-mod-status luci-mod-system luci-proto-3g luci-proto-ipv6 luci-proto-ppp luci-proto-wireguard luci-theme-bootstrap mtd nano netifd odhcp6c odhcpd-ipv6only openssh-keygen openssh-server openssh-sftp-server openssl-util openwrt-keyring opkg ppp ppp-mod-pppoe procd python3-base python3-codecs python3-email python3-light python3-logging python3-openssl python3-urllib python3-xml qos-scripts radicale rpcd rpcd-mod-file rpcd-mod-iwinfo rpcd-mod-rrdns rrdtool1 rt2800-pci-firmware samba36-server socat swap-utils swconfig tc terminfo tinyproxy ubox ubus ubusd uci uclient-fetch uhttpd uhttpd-mod-ubus urandom-seed urngd usb-modeswitch usign wget-nossl wireguard wireguard-tools wireless-regdb wpad zlib zram-swap

Althou I tend to stop unused services(acme, colectd, radicale, tinyproxy, sshd, samba) if I have the time

Instability. Router stops to respond and forweard traffic in any direction. Also it is inaccessible via ssh.
Hapens in about a week time period.

Could be somethig related to wifi. From about 2 weeks i have only 2.4GHz SSID without password. And before someone starts yealing at me, Iyes I KNOW the risks. That's why I want to upgrade/downgrade.

Get rid of half those packages. Get rid of zram-swap and I’ll bet the problems go away.

I'm also having that "Image check failed." message downgrading a TP-Link WDR3600 from OpenWrt 19.07 ath79 to OpenWrt 18.06 ar71xx.
Maybe it could be due to the architecture change?

You have to force upgrade to change from ath79 to ar71xx or vise versa. But that belongs in a different thread from this one which is about a MT7620 based router.


Forced upgrade to 19.07-rc2.

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