Reverting from LEDE to STOCK FIRMWARE via Web interface

Hello everyone,

I noticed that several devices that use the DD-WRT can go back to the factory FW, for a file of the FW stock to be used directly in the WEB interface, I know that in router like Archer C7 and other TP-Link must edit and cut a part of the original FW to be able to pass through TFTP, my doubt is, could this edited FW be used to make the direct reversal through the LUCI interface?

I ask because this would facilitate a lot for those who have difficulties and knowledge to use the methods via terminal, and since I already had several brick equipment, today I am afraid to test the LEDE in some expensive equipment, and leave them unused for errors in the installation or configuration.

It always depends on the individual device, so a generic answer would be pretty dangerous. You usually don't need tftp, but you often have to use the mtd binary (via ssh).

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See this OpenWRT article...

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