Reverting E8450 to stable build?


I'm a total beginner with openwrt, and I bought this router yesterday with the intention to set up sqm. I attempted to follow the guide on github, but I mistakenly installed the snapshot recovery image, and because of that I am only able to install the snapshot sysupgrade file. The stable one errors out if I try to install it.

What's the best way to get the stable version installed on my router? Do I need to do a full restore of the vendor firmware? Is there a way to remove the snapshot recovery, and install the stable recovery and then install the stable sysupgrade?

Thanks for any help.

Sadly, there is no easy way back. The v1.1.1 installer changes things drastically and in incompatible ways. Although a few people have had success in rolling back, it involves the use of extra hardware to access the onboard serial port, a TFTP server both for backing up and restoring the data, and detailed knowledge of U-Boot and how to use it to completely repartition a device. Not only that, but there are additional risks at present with multiple flashes on the E8450.

In other words, if the snapshot does what you need it to do, you'd be better off sticking with that at least until the next version of the installer is released. The next version will hopefully solve some of the issues you probably aren't yet experiencing, but you'll still be stuck with snapshot for now.

On the bright side, the next major revision will likely require the new installer anyway, so consider yourself ready in advance for the next major version bump.

Side question: When you followed the install guide, did you do the backups when you were instructed to do so?

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I have the files, but I honestly am unsure if I backed it up in the correct manner. I ended up getting very confused after installing the snapshot since I didn't have luci, and it took some time to get everything sorted. In the middle of that confusion, I did force the stable upgrade to get a gui and from there I got situated and went back into recovery mode and upgraded again to the snapshot, from that point I installed luci. Am I ruining my router with these unnecessary flashes?

As for the next stable release, will that upgrade the recovery mode as well?

Thanks for your help.

You're not ruining your router. We all make mistakes, especially at the beginning. There are times we've all had to start back from the beginning or near enough to it. The only complication is that the e8450 is currently at risk for suffering from a mostly rare condition that is being referred to as 'OKD'. The issue results in the device suddenly failing to come back up after a reboot, with all of the LEDs remaining off. Although it's recoverable in nearly all cases with a bit of effort, it's something the devs are currently trying to narrow down and resolve so that we don't have to experience it unexpectedly. Once that problem is solved, there will probably be a new installer released to take care of it.

Yes, the lack of luci on snapshot is what often panics a lot of people at the start of working with the snapshots. If you have snapshot currently installed but still don't have luci, all you have to do is make sure the router has internet access from the WAN port, then establish an SSH connection into the router, run opkg update, and then opkg install luci-ssl.

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