Revert to Stock EA8300

I'm now on openwrt
But want to back to stock
Downloaded FW_EA8300_1.1.4.191539_prod.img
So I just need to do this right?
root@test:~# cat /sys/devices/virtual/ubi/ubi0/mtd_num
mtd erase kernel
mtd write /tmp/FW_EA8300_1.1.4.191539_prod.img kernel

The problem is I get not found when type command 1

Also read this topic but don't what goes wrong for me

This looks promising: install the latest snapshot, then use the standard Linksys stock firmware file.

Since 5.15 kernel based snapshots (Jan 1st 2023) and 22.03.3, OpenWrt is now able to flash directly a Linksys OEM image. Force the flash as the warning message inform you to do so. You can easily reverse to Linksys OEM if you need to.

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Thank you for reply

I'm on latest I think (screenshot attached)
Can I use stock firmware?

Ah. Yes. I misread that as Jan 2024, but it says 2023 :rofl:

It should work.

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